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October 17 to November 4, featured: Laura Watmough, Curtis Johnson, Rachelle Comtois, Caroline Bisson and Andrée Audette.
November 7 to 18, featured: Louise Piquette, Valerie Solash, Karen Blanchet, Deborah Lenihan and guest Mary Deeprose. arrow

Galerie PAVA 9524 - 87 Street. Hours: Tues. to Sat. 10am to 4pm. From Oct 18 to Nov 23, Claude Boocock in "Folie du Corbeau" and Rénald Lavoie and his sculptures. Opening reception from 1pm to 4pm October 18th.

Jazz'Art to come:
The next Jazz'Art will take place in St-Paul. Artists: Jacques Martel, Sylvia Grist, Nathalie S.Paré, Herman Poulin and Chantal Brière. Musicians: Celsius

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